Brian – I just wanted to send one last email about our groups experience at La Volanta Lodge. Our entire group had a great time during our stay. We had nothing but big smiles on our faces for the entire stay. We were picked up promptly upon arrival and ushered through customs quickly. The van ride to the lodge was uneventful and comfortable. La Volanta was a perfect lodge for our group. The main lodge was a great socializing and eating area. The rooms were spacious, clean and comfortable with nice beds. The lodge has just the right amount of rustic touches and conveniences. We didn’t feel like we needed for anything or wanted or required any fancier accommodations. La Volanta strikes a perfect balance between being too rustic or too fancy.

The hunting was spectacular. None of us had dove hunted outside of the US, so we only had youtube and stories to prepare us. Everyone got to shoot as much as they wanted and every hunt was different. We hunted three different roosts as well as multiple locations within the roosts. Even though wind forced us to hunt the same roost for both morning and afternoon hunts two days in a row, each hunt was different. Some hunts had mostly challenging high birds and others had easy close shoots. Some hunts had birds coming from all directions and angles and some with birds flying the same repetitive path. We are trying to lock down a week for 2018 very shortly.

Thanks again.
— Eric
Wow is all I can say! Everything from the assistance we got from y’all to everything about Maers & Goldman was nothing but first class. I thought I knew what to expect as far as the birds go but any and all expectations were blown away. The shooting was great, the food was great, and most of all the hospitality of Junior, Santiago, Adrian, and our bird boys Eric, Pablo, and Fabian, and anyone else we dealt with was absolutely outstanding. We’ll definitely be going back, and I just assume go thru y’all considering the great time everyone had. Even after all the hell we had with flights, and getting there a day late it was still the most fun I’ve ever had on a vacation!

Thanks again, I look forward to dealing with y’all in the future!
— Ross
Thank you Brian and Kristy - Oh my yes, had A Wonderful time, so many great memories - and the fellows we hunted with from California could not have been a better mix - made some life long friends! Santiago and Junior were superb! Miguel was great and my Bird young Man Javier could not have been better!!!

The Food, goodness, so great and the kitchen staff so thoughtful and kind. I was overwhelmed! Feel free to use me in the future as a reference as I have been all over this country at hunting lodges and this experience ranks right at the top! And did I mention the shooting — good gracious!!!”

”We are home from our wonderful trip to Argentina with Maers and Goldman at La Volanta Lodge. The hunting and the food were fantastic. We killed a total of 8,414 doves and used 617 boxes of shells. Ariel and Junior were great hosts and all staff was wonderful. We had ice a couple of mornings and the wind blew so it was a little colder than I expected, however it was nice to get out of the Florida heat. It’s one of those places we would definitely love to return to sometime in the real near future.”

Thank you for coordinating this great experience.
— Gail A.
We had a great trip with Ariel and Junior. Everything was better than advertised. From the time we landed in Cordoba until we took off we were treated first class. We ended up killing 8,600 birds in 4 1/2 days of hunting and could have shot plenty more. I’m in charge of the DU and NWTF banquets down here and if you ever have a hunt for auction I will always be interested. Please keep me in mind.
— Key S.
This is an e-mail to you to express how wonderful of a time we had Dove hunting in Argentina at Junior Maers & Ariel Goldman’s Ranch, La Volanta. The accommodations, staff, and most of all, the hunt was 5 star in our book. I can assure you, we will be back to hunt next year simply because the hunt was exceptional, and the staff were so accommodating during our stay. I never imagined, even watching the video clips on the net, how many endless flocks of birds came in to us to shoot. Our hunt was at the end of November which is considered off season but you couldn’t tell it by me. If you have anyone interested in a hunt and is wanting a reference, please have them contact me either by phone or E-mail and I would be glad to convey my recommendations to book immediately!!!!
— Robert W.
My dad, myself, and a couple of friends try to make a trip to Argentina every year. This year we bid on this hunt at Wild Turkey Federation Banquet. To say it was organized would be a ridiculous understatement. Junior Maers was terrific. We were so impressed with his pinpoint schedule. His choice of areas to hunt, based on several weather elements, was outstanding. He knows his doves. The hunting was outstanding. The bird people (male/female) were outstanding. The food was good, and the accommodations were excellent. All in all, book your own hunt with these guys. You won’t be disappointed.
— Dennis D.
I have hunted with many outfitters in and out of the US and have found none better than Maers and Goldman. They not only do they provide an outstanding hunt but fantastic accommodations and food that is world class. They are very helpful before, during and after the trip making it a pleasant worry free experience. Anyone making the trip to La Volanta is in for a wonderful time.
— Mike P.
I hunted at La Volanta two years ago and the overall hunting experience was excellent. The lodge is very well run, the accommodations are more than adequate, the bedrooms were spacious and each bedroom had king sized beds. The beds were quite comfortable. The lodge was spacious and the bar was well stocked and the food was excellent. Maers and Goldman made every attempt to accommodate and please. They were excellent hosts as well as outfitters!

”The dove hunting was phenomenal. Each day we had all of the dove shooting that we wanted. Several times we shot a roost that had over two million birds and sometimes the sky was literally darkened with doves. The only caveat I would mention is to make sure that you have ample travel arrangements made. I would recommend that you do not attempt to bring your shotguns into the country as customs posed some problems for us. The lodge has a very nice selection of shotguns for rent at very reasonable prices. In short, I was well pleased with the total experience and I would gladly return to La Volanta.
— Doug L.
I have been wing shooting in Argentina every year for the past 20 years. I have hunted with several outfitters and stayed a any number of lodges all over the country. When all is considered; the volume of doves, the distance from the Cordoba airport (80 miles east), the short travel times to hunt stations (10- 15 minutes max.), the food, the hospitality and the overall experience, the Maers and Goldman operation is mighty hard to beat. I will use them again and I would recommend them as absolutely exceptional!
— Ray T.
Only been to Argentina one time dove hunting, but I cannot imagine a better overall experience than the Maers and Goldman treatment! It was just about as much fun as a grown man can have. I was planning my next trip back with them on the plane ride coming home!
— Danny H.
La Volanta is a wonderful place to visit for hunters and non-hunters. My family of six purchased this trip and only half of us hunted. It was a dream vacation for the boys who shot doves until their arms were tired. My husband feels that it was a “trip of a lifetime.” It was definitely on his bucket list. The girls are not hunters, but tried shooting for a day. Even novices can be successful with La Volanta’s able staff. We were able to take beautiful pictures and enjoy being outdoors. Junior Maers is a wonderful host and we had many delicious meals and interesting conversations with him. Without going into a long story, our luggage was lost and we lived out of one male suitcase for the majority of our trip in winter climate. This occurrence alone could have ruined our trip. Junior, however, loaned us shirts, pants, coats and other necessities while providing laundry service each day for our one pair of jeans. Our cabins were extremely comfortable and large which aided in our overall enjoyment. My family feels that this is one of our best vacations!
— Kim D.
Looking forward to our upcoming trip to Argentina. I always enjoy visiting with all the guys down there. I tell all my buddies here in South Carolina that they have never experienced a real dove hunt until they try Argentina. I also know that Johnny & all the staff at Maers & Goldman are the best. I can’t wait to see what new Malbac and other fine red wines they are pairing with those great meals we always have. As you can see I have a hard time deciding which part is my favorite; the hunt, food, or happy hour with all the guys. Looking forward to seeing everyone again.
— Hoyt G.
I’m a member of the National Wild Turkey Federation and each year in February my wife and I attend the N.W.T.F. banquet. This event has grown in attendance each year. We secure a table to include a couple of my hunting buddies and their wives along with my mother and father. In 2012, I perused the games, the silent auction items, purchased more raffle tickets, and looked through the live auction items. I paid little attention to the hunt until they offered a 5 day dove hunt in Argentina during the live auction. All room, board, food, drinks, and accommodations. The only costs were the flight, licenses, and shells. I looked around the table and divided the cost by the 4 of us at the table. We have all dove hunted together, I asked, “What do you think, want to go to Argentina?” laughing at first, but again, “We could go to Argentina!.” One buddy said yes, the other hunting buddy said yes, looking over at Pop mom said, “If Rodney wants you to go, you’re going.” We bid on the hunt and won it. A little research, a few phone calls, one of us stepping up to line up our flights, and the day arrives for us to leave. Unbelievable Father / Son (squared) hunt. My father and I along with my best friend and his father. Our fathers have been hunting buddies since elementary school, this was the trip of a lifetime with lifelong friends. After every single hunt, we would say, “They will never believe this back home.” The La Volanta lodge was awesome, pool, grass roofed gazeboes, brick lodges, spacious cabins, with high end bathroom / showers. Junior Maers and Ariel Goldman run a class act. Junior met us as soon as the shuttle from the airport parked at his lodge. “How was your flight? Welcome to Argentina! We are going hunting in 20 minutes, would you like to hunt?” I told him that we traveled 5000 miles from Millsboro Delaware, don’t offer, if you don’t mean it. Nearly 400 doves in my first hour and four-five minute evening hunt. In five days the four of us shot over 12,000 doves, ate three square meals a day, and were provided with all the cold beverages we could drink. I have never experienced wing shooting like this in my life. Fun, Fun, Fun like a kid at recess!!!! As a U.S. Marine and State Trooper, I have never found myself being tired of shooting - after this trip, I can say, I came close a couple times. My father and I shopped prior to the trip. “Hey Pop, do you want to buy one of these shoulder pads to strap on while hunting?” My wise ole father replies, “I’m not like you young boys, I will just stop shooting when my shoulder’s tired!” Day number two, he was sewing his wool hunting socks into the shoulder of his hunting vest. Great trip don’t miss your opportunity to Dove Hunt in Argentina with Maers and Goldman. Watching someone else shoot doves on TV, does touch this experience!!!!
— Rodney L.